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Transgender WWII veteran comes out aged 90

When I read Patricia’s story my first thought was how fortunate we are today that for many of us it is no longer necessary to hide our true self. I cannot even start to imagine what a burden this brave

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Letter From a Trans Teacher to Trans Kids

This gave me goosebumps because it is so full of love and truth. Please read it and share it widely. Here are some quotations from the letter: “You are the person that all your ancestors strived so mightily to produce,

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NBA and NFL warn Texas over proposed “bathroom bill”

After Texas proposed a similar bill as North Carolina which would force people to use the bathroom corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate, both the NBA and the NFL have warned the state that future sports events will

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Daily Struggles of Trans People

In his short film “Headspace” Jake Graf tried to portray the struggles transgender people go through on a day to day basis. Things which are perfectly uncomplicated to the rest of us can cause serious problems to people of the

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Meet Anjali Lama the Transgender Model who Changes India’s Fashion Scene

Anjali Lama was born Nabin Waiba, the fifth son of a farming family in Nepal. Already as a child Lama felt uncomfortable with her body and wished she could have been born a girl. Her chance came when she left her

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Get a Glimpse of Transgender Life in NYC

Award winning photographer Marc Selinger took a closer look at trans life in New York’s famous LGBT neighbourhood. For three summers Selinger photographed the diversity of transgender people in and around the Christopher Street. The result is “On Christopher Street:

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Director Gives More Visibility to Transgender Actors

For Taylor Mac’s new play Hir (pronounced “Here”) on Sydney’s Belvoir St. Theatre, director Anthea Williams will cast a transgender actor to play the role of Max, a transgender teenager who is just transitioning. Williams and her team decided to

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Mother of a Transgender child shares her experience

Every parent should read this, not just those of transgender children, but every parent. In this article Susie Green shares her experience with having a transgender child. People called her abusive and dangerous because she supported her daughter. She also

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I was wondering when it will stop? When will society realise that bullying is not acceptable that the people who are the victims of hostility and hatred feel the pain just like anybody else does? Taylor spoke openly about her

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Louis Theroux: Transgender Children on BBC 2

This documentary tells the stories of transgender children and the experiences they have made. There is, for instance, Camille who is six today and felt that she actually was a girl: “Everyone was calling me Sebastian, but I was a girl.”

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