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Scott Lively on trial for crimes against humanity

Scott Lively who is best known for his promotion of hatred against LGBTs all over the world is now facing a trial for crimes against humanity. Lively is said to have been actively involved in the sketching of the anti-homosexuality

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Russia’s government targets LGBT Youth page

Children 404 is a page which connects LGBT youth and offers a platform for young LGBTs to share the problems they are facing since Russia’s anti-propaganda law was passed by the Kremlin last year. Now the site is in danger

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The Putin Rap – His Emineminence (feat. V. Piddy)

Some black humour.

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Shortly before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi

I’ve been browsing a while and was slightly amazed at the flood of support videos and statements major businesses make to show their support for the LGBT community in Russia. Most of them simply ridicule the position Putin’s government took

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‘Leave children alone’ – Putin on gay rights in Russia

‘Leave children alone’ – Putin on gay rights in Russia I still don’t get the parallels Putin draws between homosexuality and pedophilia. They are completely different topics. Just because a person is gay it doesn’t mean that he/she is at

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Putin takes on critics of Kremlin homophobia

Putin takes on critics of Kremlin homophobia It seems Putin constantly confuses paedophilia with homosexuality, two things that have nothing at all to do with each other. Interesting is also that he claims to protect minors against paedophilia but he

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