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Jennifer’s Big Day: Lesbian Wedding in Taiwan

This is the story of Jennifer and Sam who have been a couple for 11 years and got married this year. Have a look at their wonderful story full of love, hope and courage: Advertisements

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For Equality, Against Bigotry and Hate

On Saturday people all over the world assembled to the Women’s Marches. The message everywhere was the same: We stand together against hate, bigotry and discrimination. We are ready to defend our rights and fight for equality. The fact that

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LGBT People We Lost in 2016

As it is the last day of this year. I would like to commemorate all the people we’ve lost this year. Some of them to natural causes, too many of them to hate and violence, or even their own hands.

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Let’s not forget!

Our hearts go out to the people in Orlando, to all those who lost their lives in this coward attack, to all those who have to mourn a beloved person and to those who experienced the destruction of a sanctuary for

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US supreme court ruled in favour of same-sex marriage

The Supreme Court of the United States voted 5-4 in favour of same-sex marriage on Friday, thereby legalising it throughout all 50 US states. All over the country couples who had waited so long for their chance to finally have

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90-year old explains why she will vote “yes”

It’s only two more days until the marriage equality referendum in Ireland and this is Madeline Connolly who explains why she will vote yes in the referendum. Madeline’s biography reads like that of every “typical” Irish grandmother. She has 14

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“Nobody’s Memories”: PFLAG Canada

This is a short video by PFLAG Canada for equal marriage. It shows what seem to be wedding videos of same-sex couples, but none of these marriages have ever been legalised, hence “Nobody’s Memories.”

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7-Year-Old Sophia explains the facts of life for children with LGBT parents

Meet Sophia. Sophia has two moms and she will explain to you how two moms can have a baby. It’s absolutely adorable.

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Granny quits church after 84 years

In a small village in Germany, a grandmother decided to secede from┬áthe church after 84 years. In a letter to the church officials she wrote that she decided to do so after watching an interview with one of the church’s

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Mother of a Transgender child shares her experience

Every parent should read this, not just those of transgender children, but every parent. In this article Susie Green shares her experience with having a transgender child. People called her abusive and dangerous because she supported her daughter. She also

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