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Ten Forgotten Gay Slang Words That Deserve To Be Resurrected I found this quite interesting, so I thought I might share it with you. I’ve never before heard any of these words but they tell you a lot about gay life around the 50s. Advertisements

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Sir Ian McKellen: Roy Hodgson is not living in the real world. 500 footballers in this country and not one of them out? Interview with Ian McKellen in which he talks about the fact that there are still no openly gay active football players in the UK. He also comments on Roy Hodgson’s statement that he’s never met a gay player. The

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Texas Teen Lured To Park By ‘Friend’ Then Viciously Beaten Because He’s Gay Terribly sad story. Even more so because the police doesn’t seem to be taking this seriously.

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Nicky Morgan & Jo Swinson: Our plan to eliminate homophobia in schools The article does not just introduce the new plan Nicky Morgan and Jo Swinson made to tackle homophobia in British schools. It also talks about the impact bullying can have on young people and how the use of the

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Gorgeous Photography Series Portrays Gay Couples All Over The Globe

Gorgeous Photography Series Portrays Gay Couples All Over The Globe I wanted to share this with you because I think that these pictures are absolutely beautiful.

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