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For Equality, Against Bigotry and Hate

On Saturday people all over the world assembled to the Women’s Marches. The message everywhere was the same: We stand together against hate, bigotry and discrimination. We are ready to defend our rights and fight for equality. The fact that

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23 Wonderful LGBT Moments of 2016

With Christmas almost upon us and the last days of 2016 approaching fast (some might say, about time),  gaystarnews took a look back at the great LGBT moments of this year. Because, yes, despite all the bad news and despite the

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Meet the heterophobic taxi driver

The cab app Hailo offered free trips to the polling stations on the 22nd May. Before the referendum they had this taxi driver make discriminatory remarks about heterosexuals to show how stupid discrimination is. Check out the video here, it’s

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90-year old explains why she will vote “yes”

It’s only two more days until the marriage equality referendum in Ireland and this is Madeline Connolly who explains why she will vote yes in the referendum. Madeline’s biography reads like that of every “typical” Irish grandmother. She has 14

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“Nobody’s Memories”: PFLAG Canada

This is a short video by PFLAG Canada for equal marriage. It shows what seem to be wedding videos of same-sex couples, but none of these marriages have ever been legalised, hence “Nobody’s Memories.”

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Arkansas to sign bill which allows LGBT discrimination

Arkansas is about to pass a law which will prevent cities and counties from passing anti-discrimination laws, thereby allowing businesses, employers and landlords to discriminate against LGBT people without having to face prosecution. According to Republican Bob Ballinger the bill

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Mexico City passes pro-trans bill

Good news from Mexico City. The government passed a bill which allows transgender people to legally change their gender without going through a lengthy court proceedings.   Check the article here:

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Married trans people must divorce, rules European Court of Human Rights

So according to the European Court of Human Rights and all the countries who still deny same-sex couples marriage equality people have to decide between being themselves and protecting their family?  This doesn’t seem very fair to me and despite

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Shortly before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi

I’ve been browsing a while and was slightly amazed at the flood of support videos and statements major businesses make to show their support for the LGBT community in Russia. Most of them simply ridicule the position Putin’s government took

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“Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert & Madonna performing”.”same love”.”grammy’s 2014″

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