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Kyrgyzstan’s anti-gay bill most likely to be signed into law

It is said to be even worse than the anti-propaganda law passed by Russia in 2013. Kyrgyzstan’s anti-propaganda law will not only fine those who publish information about homosexuality, anyone who does might be send to prison for up to

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Scott Lively on trial for crimes against humanity

Scott Lively who is best known for his promotion of hatred against LGBTs all over the world is now facing a trial for crimes against humanity. Lively is said to have been actively involved in the sketching of the anti-homosexuality

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Ugandan anti-gay bill signed into law

Ugandan anti-gay bill signed into law Here is a summary of what Uganda’s anti-gay bill means for the LGBT community in the country. Please take the time and sign All Out’s petition!

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Officials: Uganda’s leader to sign anti-gay bill

Officials: Uganda’s leader to sign anti-gay bill Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni will sign the bill which was passed by the government in December into law. Under this law people who engage in homosexual activities might be facing a life sentence.

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Anti-Gay Bill signed into Law in Nigeria

President Goodluck Jonathan signed the bill into law that will lead to arrests of LGBT people in Nigeria and will make them face up to 14 years in prison. What for? For being who they are and being in love

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